January 13th, 2009


I like how what started as a general post managed to become all about TV anyway,

1) MY WIRELESS INTERNET IS DRIVING ME INSANE. Every few page loads it gives up and quits, unable to find the server. After ten or fifteen minutes, it'll behave again, and then repeat the same process. I think some keysmashy swearing symbols are in order here: %(&*)@ %()#*%&(*#&%#()*&%()#%)(#*%&#*&%*#%#(%

2) In other news, I proudly refused to watch Idol tonight, not even out of curiosity. What little faith I had in the show - or rather, the faith that Jordin Sparks created for me - was destroyed the minute Porky Pig won. No matter how much they promise me about it being better and different and having fewer terrible singers in the auditions, I reject it entirely this year until I have a top 24 on the website to eyeball and judge solely by appearance.

3) Question: does 30 Rock ever have an episode without a special guest star? Resentment for awards...growing...

4) I just saw my first real live promo of the season for Medium, and realized how super-exited I am for this show to come back.  Domestic marital cuddling, it is high time you returned to my life!  By way of my TV screen.

5) Oh, "Secret Life."

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