January 22nd, 2009


I was not previously aware of how much I missed this show!

OK, so in the 20 minutes between finishing the Torchwood finale and Lost starting, I wandered downstairs impatiently hoping for dinner.  I got no dinner; instead I got hit in the face with American Idol auditions.  I stayed for five minutes to check out New Judge Kara.  After the first couple of singers, I looked mistrustful and asked "Is she always like this?  Perky and outgoing?  Because that's the kind of outgoing, popular, good-at-everything girl I hate." 

She was very pretty, so I was wavering, but then some poor girl did a horrible job of singing "Before He Cheats," obviously not aware of how bad she was but not one of those really dumb people either.  Kara goes "I see you were voted Most Humorous in high school!" and goes on and on about what a great joke that audition was.  Meanwhile, the girl looks shell-shocked and perhaps on the verge of tears.  Me: "Wow, Kara's kind of a bitch."  Do not want.
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21. I came to a startling revelation during the premiere, while I was busy being bitter at Desmond and Penny, that I'm going to post outside the cut because it's important: You know how I always say I was predisposed to hate Doctor Who after Tennant left, because nobody could match up to his attractiveness (Matt Smith included)? If he wasn't all tied up with this show, IAN CUSICK TOTALLY COULD.

I mean, if he kept this accent and his current hair? I have never been able to come up with a dream pick for Eleven although would totally be okay with Hugh Laurie, but now I have one!  I cannot appreciate him as Desmond, but as the Doctor? Hell yes.  HE NEEDS TO BE ELEVEN. RIGHT NOW