January 23rd, 2009


Hey, look at me, being all relatively concise and stuff.

I bounced around TV all night with no real rhyme or reason.  Bones to start, because nothing else is on...then CSI, because I'm saving The Office (that resolve lasted about 5 hours) and am more likely to pay attention to Bones than CSI once the ability to skip-forward is in my hands, and then ER because I'd wandered downstairs in search of dinner (foiled again!) and figured they'd most likely left that station on after The Office.  I'm presently pulling an all-nighter to write this, with plans to sleep all day, and maybe by the time I wake up there will finally be something to eat around here.  I'm going to blame my moodiness and irritability of the past 48 hours on my insufficient calorie intake.

Moving on.  You know what the real problem with having all these shows on Thursday is?  It makes the whole Hodges/Hodgins thing even more confusing in my head, and I literally have to stop every time I'm about to type one and think very carefully about which name goes with which show.

Bones, 4x12, "Double Trouble in the Panhandle"

For some reason, I can't remember the last time I saw this show.  Hmm...let's see, it was the week before I started the crazy homework/TV war and had to post a chart on my door to keep track of what I was stockpiling while I did homework, so...ah, here it is!  November 26th.  Hey, it's only been 2 months.  A few days shy, even.  That's like half the summer hiatus.  I told you we were going to pay for jump-starting the season early and running pell mell with nary a rerun in sight...

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CSI, 9x11, "The Grave Shift"

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ER, 15x13, "Love is a Battlefield"
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The Office: 5x12, "Prince Family Paper"
Wow, I didn't think anything could outstrip Moroccan Christmas for suckiness.  I was wrong.

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