January 25th, 2009

New Earth

Doctor Who. Season 4. It's coming.

To this journal, I mean.  After it finally comes to my brain.  As you may or may not have noticed, I've been wildly dodging spoilers for up to 9 months now (the last 6 have been increasingly tough...hey, what weird pregnancy metaphors could I make here?).  I've also been thinking it's good that fiery_twilight was the only regularly posting Doctor Who friend I made back in the day when I thought I might catch up in time to watch the new season as it aired, and thus would need a whole new contingent of fandom friends to squee with.

Nevertheless, what with internet osmosis, fandom-shaped hazards like my YouTube stupidity, and Google's unfortunate habit of kicking up unwanted information when I very specifically asked it for reviews for season three episodes, I have managed to pick up a fair bit of information along the way (especially about the finale.  In some ways it's like I've already watched it, rrr).  When I couldn't keep track of my code wording mentally anymore, I started keeping a text document of every single piece of information, big or small, that I knew about the season.  This is where we take stock of it all, one last time, before I push the big red "play" button on shiny ole 4x01 that's cued up as we speak.

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New Earth

Smiled and said yes, I think we've met before

Do you know, it was just about one year ago that stunt-muppet was coaxing me into watching Doctor Who for the first time.  Funnily enough, she's now coaxing me into watching Classic Who by offering delightfully narrated picspams of the first Three & Sarah Jane adventure.  It's inches away from officially being placed in my highly backed up queue.

Speaking of my highly-backed-up queue, however, we're in New Who land at the moment, where we haven't been since September 21st.  I was irrationally nervous about finally breaking the seal on what's been shelved so long.  I may or may not have stayed up until 4 in the morning putting off watching the first episode until I finally shut down the one computer, stretched out next to my extremely warm log of a dog (as I like to call her when she lies down with her back to me) on the bed, fired up the other computer, and snapped on the great big headphones.

(my non-network-TV viewing is An Experience.  Some people go to midnight movie premieres; I create nigh-ceremonial set-staging in my own bedroom)

And lo, it was good.

4x01, "Partners in Crime"

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