January 28th, 2009

Samantha Spade

We throw parties like it's the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin.

Anniversary parties, that is.  By which I mean we celebrate them frequently and perhaps unnecessarily - as you may recall, I officially celebrate four milestones per year for this site.  We'll get to them all in due time, but the first one of the year is January 28th: Two years ago on this day, I spent 8 hours a reasonable amount of time hand transferring all my old TV-related Xanga entries and set up shop on LJ for real, thus marking the start of "active use."  How shall we celebrate this time?  Well, funny you should ask...

Last week I found this on my computer, and decided to spruce it up for posting, whereupon I realized it would make a great game for the party.

Except maybe for a bit of fic or message board activity, none of you knew me me prior to two years ago.  Since then you've watched me fall in love with all sorts of shows - some enduring, some not - in great detail.  But from the beginning, I came armed with a pack of staple series, many of which I still discuss on a regular basis.  Have you ever wondered where my attachment to those came from? 

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There, wasn't that fun?  If not, the next party will take place in four months.  See you there!  *waves cheerfully*

"Why won't those stupid idiots let me in their crappy club for jerks?!"

(*snert* The Stonecutters episode of The Simpsons is one of my all-time favorites.  So many quotable bits...not to mention a great song!)

I have all kinds of stuff to talk about today!  

First, I'm beginning to grow annoyed by the fact that there is often only one space between my sentences.  I very specifically double-tap that spacebar!  Sometimes I write in LJ and sometimes I paste from Notepad, so I don't know which one's the culprit, but it annoys me when my sentences come out looking strangely squished and I realize why.  Does anyone else notice that?  Did I just raise an issue you were previously unaware of that now will bug you forever?  (If so, sorry)

Second, I was an actual Good Sister tonight and helped my brother study elements for his chemistry quiz.  It was actually kind of fun, since he had made flashcards and so I got to test myself at the same time.  (when I pointed out that flashcards exist so that you don't need another person, he insisted this way helped him study better.  I decided to take this as a compliment, especially after he said he still remembered "Pb" because two years ago, I told him I'd remembered it as "lead paintbrush")  It's crazy how many I still remember, six years after I last had to know them.  Of course, there are also some random and crazy ones I had no idea existed, like "antimony" and "molybdenum," just to keep things interesting.

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FOLKS! Just so you know,  deleted scene #2 contains things that would have made last week's episode of The Office at least 75% better:

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Without a Trace: "Once Lost"
Title also clearly refers to the network execs' minds, since they decided to make me wait an extra 2 weeks for this. *scowls* You're just lucky it was worth the wait and not falsely hyped.  Hello there, yet another new contender for best episode of the season...I don't know what to do with all this sudden awesomeness!  

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Finally...every week, I live in eternal hope that I will just watch my guilty pleasure crack addiction and move on from it in relative (or complete!) silence.  But no!  I not only go through the trouble of watching Secret Life of the American Teenager on the official site, with the buffering and commercial breaks (mostly the buffering), I feel a need to talk about it with multiple hundreds of words.  Every week. 

You know, I always used to be sort of horrified by people who watched daytime soap operas with any degree of regularity or serious interest.  Then my mom and I were having a discussion about whether or not there was still stigma attached to teenage pregnancy, and I was trying to explain the elements of this show in a nutshell, and as soon as the words started coming out of my mouth, it was like ". . .oh God."

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8:58 PM: Why do I not know what time Lost airs anymore!  Here I am, twiddling away the 8:00 hour, waiting for my show to start because it's the only thing on tonight...ARGH.