January 29th, 2009


5x03: "Jughead," and other things

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1. Remember when I found the Greyhound game? While I was poking around the site, I downloaded AlterEgo too, something I've long pondered but never actually played, and I cannot believe how much I adore it (text-based choose your own adventure life simulations!). I went back to download the female version, but while searching for it I found out that you can play the same game in a more streamlined online version, too. Look!

2. The closer we get to the new episodes, the calmer I feel about the Jim/Pam spoilers I may or may not have raged about before.  I think it'll be all right.   I haven't been stalking the MTT spoiler boards to an excessive degree lately, what would make you say that?

3. I forgot to mention...I caught the tail end of the Idol auditions last night, and promptly fell in love with someone I shouldn't (also known as "anyone in the audition rounds," which is one of many reasons I don't watch them). But drat it all, I'm rather hooked on orphaline Rose Flack. She's cute (despite the unfortunate dreadlock-type bits in her hair), young, blonde, and has two of the best names ever.  I demand that she be in the Top 36!  She's now clearly going to get cut in the first round of Hollywood.

Sidebar: God, top 36, really?  You just know that's going to end up being nothing but an excuse to cut a bigger percentage of my initial favorites than ever before.