January 31st, 2009


I feel like death. How's your weekend going?

1. I've been exceedingly miserable since about 5 AM yesterday, between pounding headaches that would not go away even after taking medicine, being flush with fever, and then feeling so cold that at one point I was shaking beneath blankets for upwards of 20 minutes (although, thank goodness for being home, where I could wrap myself around the giant space heater, a/k/a "my dog"). Couldn't talk, couldn't stand up, just tossed and turned for hours with brief periods of napping before the pain woke me back up.

You know it's misery when not even listening to David Tennant read "The Stone Rose" makes you feel better (though it was still nice, and something I highly recommend when one has nothing to but lie in bed with closed eyes and try not to think about pain).

Two hours of clear-headedness last night in which I took a shower, wrote some of this, and ate something before going back to bed, and then I woke up at 6:00 this morning and it started all over again. Half past noon, I very cautiously began to sit upright and hope it was gone for good, although I remain in a constant state of paranoia that it will return without warning again. 

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3. I may have given a rerun of The Office (a rerun known as Business Ethics, even) precedence over the first half of a new episode of CSI last night? In my defense, which is weak, it was new to my mom and I enjoy watching other people see episodes for the first time. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have, as between that one and the last two new ones, she's developing a very poor outlook of season 5 overall. Save us, Superbowl episode!!

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4x03, Planet of the Ood
I like how these episodes just keep getting better and better.

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*3 hours later* Yeah...*is woozy* I think I'll be wandering back to bed now; not quite enough energy to look up titles or do any better formatting or check for spelling errors; want to post now before I become comatose the rest of the weekend or something.