February 26th, 2009


*racing the clock to post before Thursday TV starts*

Um, internet, why did it take AUSIELLO to tell me that Kim Manners had passed away a month ago? This can't be real. Not my beloved X-Files director! The internet should have erupted in outpourings of Heath Ledger-ish proportions!

(or maybe not quite that epic. BUT CLOSE.)

Medium, 5x04, "About Last Night..."
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American Idol: Group 2 Performs
Statement of Fact: "I hate so much about the things this show chooses to be."  For an even more accurate statement, replace "things" with "contestants" and add "in the top 36" to the end of it.

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Lost, 5x06: "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"
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In other news, I decided to take my dog out for a walk just as the major snow started (the kind that gets snow emergencies declared and shuts down schools/evening activities).  I always like walking when it's snowing; figured it would be fun, especially since it wasn't too cold.  Haha! 

It actually wasn't bad, temperature-wise, but there was just enough wind to make prolonged exposure uncomfortable, which led to a lot of me stopping with my back to it and my forehead buried against mittens.  Even better, underneath the thick blanket of fluffy snow, the streets were as smoothly iced as a hockey rink.  Slip 'n' slide!

And the snow was dumping in ridiculous amounts; Kym got so blanketed with snow that she had to shake herself off three times in two blocks before she apparently decided it wasn't worth it anymore, and I had so much snow in my hair that it partially melted and then refroze all over my head in ice chunks.  I had to blow dry it when I got home.  Still...it was kind of a fun adventure.  I'd do it again.  ;P