March 3rd, 2009


The Monday Power Hours

1. Can't seem to avoid letting my parents suck me into 24 every week, in much the same pervasive manner with which they wore down my resistance to Medium.  Updates on my feelings: I still hate everybody except Chloe (with special particular hatred for Jack Bauer) and my transferred fondness for the new African general in charge of Fucking Your Shit Up. Collapse )

Really, when your show/Good Side is so terrible you've got me cheering for the international terrorists to triumph over the President and anyone in her administration, you're doing something wrong

2. How I Met Your Mother: 4x15, "The Stinsons"
Despite my fury with Obama for bumping this one, I was a good girl and somehow waited until its official airdate to watch.  ...although I still didn't actually watch it on TV.  My willpower had a weird moment of breaking at, like, 7:20.  Shortly after I realized that there was going to be a doubleshot of 24 rather than a new episode of House, and I required consolation.

Collapse )

3. Medium: 5x05, "A Taste of Her Own Medicine"

This show's had a lot of scary and/or disturbing scenes over its run, including a toddler's body stuffed into a doll box and hidden in a toy store.  But I swear that it has never introduced anything so frightening as this: a doctor's suggestion that, due to Joe's chronic sleep deprivation, he and Allison should consider sleeping apart.

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4. Secret Life 1x20: Well, that was just uncomfortable.  Apparently, everybody went to the Benjamin Linus School Of Manipulation last week and came back ready to unleash their tactics in full force. Collapse )  In a related note, I'm back to wanting to club Ashley with a 2x4.  You don't even know how sick I am of her attitude that 15-year-old Amy wanting to give up her baby up for adoption is the most selfish act anyone has ever done in the history of the world.

And I swear, if and when they introduce an actual baby to this show, I'm out. Pregnancy, I've got no problem with.  Even in teenagers, it can still be delightful.  Babies, I have a problem with.  They're cute the moment they're dried off/wrapped up after being born and for occasional moments when they're sleeping or being held by attractive men, and serve as convenient proof-of-love tokens in fictional contexts, but mostly they are unpleasant and I have no desire whatsoever to watch people taking care of one.  Especially teenaged people/their parents.  Ugh. 

5. I'm not ready to tackle watching CSI: Miami yet.