March 4th, 2009


Today, I have chosen the italics button to receive my abuse.

Stupid move of the (yester)day: In lieu of burning my tongue on too-hot oatmeal, I apparently decided to burn the back of my throat.  Now it feels swollen every time I swallow.  -.-  Excellent job, me!

Weather annoyance of the day: All the fluffy blizzardy snow is starting to melt on the streets, which means the dog is black with splashed-up mud every time we finish a walk.  Honestly, the hideous slushy time is the only reason I want winter to be over. 

Awesome fact of the day: I am wearing knee-high black socks patterned with fluorescent-colored skulls and crossbones.  I put them on for warmth, even though I usually only wear them in October, and finally realized "DUH, these don't have to be just for Halloween!"  I plan to wear them much more often, or whenever I want to channel my inner Abby Sciuto.

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon: Yesterday, I saw that muzzy_olorea had mentioned "Africa" by Toto in her Music of February post, which I had never heard of.  Today, the TWoP recap for American Idol says: He's singing "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues." Great song, right, like everybody loves that song, put it on a mixtape with "Africa" by Toto and you can have sex with literally anybody in this world if you feel like it...

American Idol: Group 3 Performs
Wow, that group really did suck, as a whole.  I'm positive it's because suddenly, TPTB apparently put a 70-percent-effective moratorium on songs I might actually recognize, or at the very least like, and just assaulted my ears with boredom for two straight hours.  The lack of attention I paid reached all-new record lows.  Last week I was reading a book; this week I was writing, which takes up way more concentration than reading, and furthermore I had the volume so low I missed half of what was said - or sometimes sung - and really didn't care.

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Further on my "Idol-inspired radio nostalgia, yay!" tour, this week I'm re-obsessed with Tracy Chapman's "Telling Stories."  Tracy, how so awesome on everything ever sung?  Also, I feel like either someone's made an X-Files fanvid to this song, or someone really should.