March 7th, 2009


I can't think about anything more taxing at the moment

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American Idol: Wild Card/Top 12 13 (liekOMG) Decided
Dear show,
WE ARE DONE. It's over. Sooooo over.No love, RS

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Despite the lack of both new NCIS and new Lost next week, leaving my schedule wiiiiiide open and clear to watch as much Idol as I want, I will not tune in "just to see" what the first true competition week looks like. That will get me hooked - on complaining if nothing else. Nope. I'm making the break free and clear, while it's still relatively easy to turn my back. AND THIS TIME I MEAN IT.
Retro Music Love Of The Day: TLC, "Waterfalls." It's the only song I ever liked off their CD, which has the distinction of being the first I ever owned, because my friend was obsessed with them and she hooked me on this song in hopes that I would become similarly obsessed. Didn't work; the interest stopped there...except, this song? Man. This song is incredible in every way. I even still have it all memorized, and I haven't listened to it in 5+ years.

...speaking of which, in retrospect, I'm kind of sad and disturbed that we were listening to this at ten years old. I know some of it went over my head, but still.