March 8th, 2009

Ninja Kitty

Welcome to the New Wild West

Dude, I am not kidding about this, EVERYONE ON MY FLIST NEEDS TO GO HERE NOW AND VOTE.  It does not, repeat, does not matter if you don't know the characters; random clicks are half of the fun. However, if you'd like further help deciding...I'm going to need you to pick Ned over Captain Jack Harkness (because manwhore should not triumph over sweet/shy/besotted), and also it would be really helpful if you'd override his pacifist tendencies and help The Tenth Doctor kick butt. Plus, right now, Mulder is losing badly to that guy from Firefly. THAT IS NOT OKAY. I already lost Sawyer in the very first round to fucking Dean Winchester; do not test meI am not overly invested in this.

P.S. Seth Cohen apologizes for whatever douchebaggy things he did over the course of his series, and would like your help making the tournament recognize that he is single-handedly greater than the entire cast of "Gossip Girl."  This race is super-close and we could still turn it around!
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The Office, 5x16, "Blood Drive"
Let's see, how can I put this. It didn't make me angry, exactly, so that's always a plus...

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