March 9th, 2009

Pushing Daisies

The Daily Pimp

DRAT IT. Seth lost by eleven votes, out of nearly a thousand cast for each of them. -.- Now do you believe me when I tell you voting my way is important? Each round is only open for about 24 hours, by the way. I may have neglected to mention that before. They close at 1 PM EST, which means by the time I get around to pimping them, there's usually much less time than that. Hence the imperative "vote NOW." Also hence why this time I am posting a random post in the middle of the afternoon with no additional pork.

Seriously, people. This round is important. If I have to simultaneously watch Ned lose to that bastard Winchester boy, and The Doctor to the guy who took down Mulder, FUR IS GONNA FLY. From my dog, as she rips heads off and sends them rolling. (This way I don't get my hands dirty.)

Besides, how can you resist Ten's grin? In the sexy specs?

P.S. I am revenge-voting against Blair. You should too. I'm willing to vouch for Veronica Mars if that's what it takes.