March 15th, 2009


I seem to have misplaced my notebook with the useful subject lyrics

1. There is an excellent Gibbs/Abby essay up atship_manifesto, which you should check out because it's awesome and relevant to my interests.

2. So I was trying to find a "___ demands an explanation for this bullshit" macro via Google, and I thought there might be a good one I could pull up from Doctor Who.  So that's what I typed into Image Search.  HELLO MY EYES AHHHH ASSAULTING WAVE OF PICTURES FROM "JOURNEY'S END"!  God, the one episode I still have to dodge...luckily my reactors kicked in and turned it into mostly a blur of a color as I backtracked at top speed before I could register anything specific.  ExceptCollapse )

TV kind of broke my brain last week, and I still haven't watched most of it, since I spent all of my free time yesterday working on the latter two reviews in this post  (and then I watched How I Met Your Mother, to which my reaction was basically "HAHAHA THIS IS AWESOME HAHAHA THIS IS AWESOME" repeating on loop without pause, which pretty much says it all.  However, Future Self has informed me this is not sufficient for the archives, so that's what I'll be processing this evening).

House, 5x17, "The Social Contract"
Most of the shows I was less than favorable toward in State of the Networks found a way to turn themselves around shortly thereafter.  Not this one.  I don't know what it is, but I seem to be losing interest at an exponential rate.  I literally cannot remember anything that happens until I go online and read detailed reviews/recaps.  And even they're not being very helpful this week.

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CSI: Miami, 7x17, "Divorce Party"

Opening music: All the single ladies...all the single ladies...
Fortunately, Beyonce  does not have the same addictive, hypnotic power over me that certain other hip-hop artists do.  I think.  I hope.  If she makes it to the Music of 2009 post, I'm suing for emotional damages and hiring the angry face as my lawyer.  >:(

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P.S. I wanted my mom to read the very beginning part of this review, because I knew she'd get the angry-face-as-my-lawyer reference (deleted scene on The Office), so I had her look up the song real quick so she'd know what the melody was like.  And then were were both just transfixed by how terrible the video for "All The Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" is.  I mean, even just the bit where they're inexplicably spanking themselves...not gonna lie, this thing makes me laugh almost as hard as the Filet-O-Fish commercial.
The Office: "Golden Ticket"
Um, that was amazing.  In every way.  BUT ESPECIALLY: Michael, at least temporarily, being more likable than he has ever been in the history of the series.  Clearly, he should dress up like a character from a beloved childhood movie every week, and we would have no problems.  (Next I want to see the Sorcerer's Apprentice from "Fantasia."  Mouse ears optional, wizard's hat mandatory.)

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