March 18th, 2009

Luby Love

Clearly, actual airdates no longer matter because I am just taking the schedule into my own hands.

1. I appear not to have posted for two days.  I guess that's because I'm hiding from the TV I want to talk about but can't figure out how, which quickly turns into a cycle of me just...avoiding all TV while I try to accomplish real-life stuff (yay?).  Or doing things like watching approximately half of American Idol after saying "eh, I don't feel like keeping up with NCIS right now," and then have nothing to distract me from the tragi-fest going on downstairs (we'll get to that).

2. Furthering the trend of "movies these days suck," um...the first one I've legitimately wanted to see all year is Hannah Montana?  I don't know!  I saw one preview and was instantly hooked!  THERE ARE HORSES AND AN AWESOME LIFE IN THE COUNTRY, OKAY? 

I was thinking "Sunshine Cleaning" might be kind of interesting too (Amy Adams!  For real this time; I double-checked!), but then they slapped it full of rated-R labels and Entertainment Weekly said something about praising female sexuality,  HANNAH MONTANA IT IS.  

In a related note, I want to read this "autobiography" she has coming out.  In a way where I want to buy a new copy of my own to read?  *throws up hands*  It looks sort of cute!  I hate so many things about what Miley Cyrus chooses to be, and yet she simultaneously strikes me as so dumb that I feel like she can't help doing stupid things, and that softens my attitude a great deal. 
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4. HIMYM: 4x16, "Sorry, Bro" 
(as opposed to being the worst thing that ever happened to "That 70's Show," at least until Eric & Kelso left) 

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5. Numb3rs: 5x18, "12:01 AM"
Dear show: drop the basketball storyline.  Drop it right now.  I don't care if we're in the thick of "March Madness" (a thing that is lame and waaaay inferior to Fandom March Madness).  DROP IT IMMEDIATELY AND FOREVERMORE, AND NO ONE GETS HURT. 

While you're at it, please go find Amita and handcuff her to Charlie's side.  I've had enough of this disappearing act - extreme measures are required. 

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6. CSI: Miami, 7x18, "Flight Risk"

Things that have been overdone in crime drama: murders on airplanes. Collapse )

7. House, 5x18, "Here, Kitty"
Instant formula for improving your downward-spiral show 300%: Bring in a cat!  If that cat happens to be brought in by Judy Greer as the Patient of the Week, well, so much the better.

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8. ER, 15x19, "Old Times"
Oh, show.  Blessed be thy brilliance. 

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