March 20th, 2009



*is on lockdown*  I have a list of like 8,000 things I want to talk about, but my brain is trapped in last week, so just put up with the delayed reviewing system until such time as I feel like watching TV live again.  The only things I've managed since the two on Monday have been Lost and The Office.  Neither of which are making an appearance in this post, mostly because I'm afraid I'll get a "post too large" error if I try to cram anything else in with these things.

CSI: NY, 5x17, "Green Piece"
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Bones, 4x16, "The Bones That Foam"
In contrast to the above, I love this show.  I don't know if I've made that abundantly clear, but lately it is just on fire.  One hour of sheer joy and delight and fun - I'm always surprised when it's over, because it feels like it just got started. 

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Grey's Anatomy, 5x17, "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"
Once I start picking this episode apart, I realize I wasn't very fond of it.  But fortunately, the two good aspects pretty much made up for the rest.

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One last mention - over on Law & Order: UK, everything continues to delight me to the highest degree (except for the poodle skins, especially on women, which I swear I will not mention again after today).  I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY.  It is just so much more captivating than all my other crime dramas except Numb3rs, Medium and Bones.  I love the style, the tone, the direction, the characters.  Ronnie & Matt continue to be the greatest team ever (Ronnie cracks me up!), and Alesha could probably stand there reading the dictionary and I'd still be full of squee and delighted giggles. 

Perhaps it's my newfound determination not to talk specifics about episodes, which was an arbitrary suggestion I made that somehow implanted itself as Law in my head - cuing up an episode is just like renting a movie; nothing to do but sit back, relax and enjoy.  I'm always thirsty for more, more I say!  I almost want to try putting it on a shelf now so I can watch the whole season at once...except I'm pretty sure I can't wait that long.  Then again, it's already Friday and I haven't watched the most recent episode yet, so maybe it'll happen that way by accident.
I lied; two last mentions.  I also wanted to add that I got my first issue of the "Watch!" magazine from CBS today, and it is delightful!  And not just because there are approximately a frillion pictures of Roselyn Sanchez looking gorgeous.  Although that helps.
Luby Love

It's almost spring!

LJ is superior to Xanga in many ways, but the latter has one indispensable feature: Footprints. 

This handy little device shows you which Xanga users have visited your site, if logged in, or the state/country if not attached to a specific ID.  More importantly, as I understand it, it shows you which page they clicked on to get to your site/one of your entries.  What's really fun about this are the visitors from Google results, so that you can see what they searched for.  And since I continue to cross-post all my TV entries over there, I get some fun stuff.  Let me show you some of my all-time favorites (note: most statements not originally put in quotes):

"CSI Miami" + "stupid Yelina"
"poor Rebecca Nevins" + dumped
"Why does CSI season 8 suck"
"use the word lame"
jim pam squee
ncis + episode review + squee
"what is the song that is played at the end of ER when ray gets" (exceeded your search limit, there?)

But the #1 popular search result of ALL TIME is whether or not "A Season for Peaches" is a real novel.  That episode of The O.C. aired over two years ago, and still not a week goes by that the same damn keywords don't pop up in my footprints.  I finally tacked up a big boldface notice at the top of the page, just to answer that question more quickly.

I might have to go edit my post about "Time Crash," though, because you would not believe how many people hit it up for the kettle-and-some-string quote.  It's beginning to give Season for Peaches a serious run for its money.  And I require entertainment from my footprints, darn it!

...I've been hanging onto this post for a while.  Possibly a year.  It seemed important to finally remember to post the damn thing.  It was kind of interesting, yes?  No?  Let's move on to the other courses.
Cold Case, 6x17, "Officer Down"
So I think I might be speechless.

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The Office: 5x18, "New Boss"

Hey everybody, did you know that Michael's been at Dunder-Mifflin for 15 years?  FIFTEEN!  This is his 15th anniversary!  15th!  Fifteen years!  I just wanted to make sure we were all aware of this fact, because the episode was really subtle about it and hardly mentioned it at all.

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ER, 15x20, "Shifting Equilibrium

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Note To Self, Things I Am Still Missing: HIMYM, SLAT, NCIS, SVU, WaT, NY, GA, PP (x2), Bones, & last week's CSI.  (I've always been kind of entertained by the fact that I can abbreviate almost every show whose title isn't already an abbreviation)