March 22nd, 2009


You open the gift bag to discover...2 talking points and 5 reviews!

Flist!  Lately I have been seeing a lot of "EastEnders," which is my parents' lifelong obsession but which I lately have been paying slightly more attention to when I wander downstairs and find out it's on.  It doesn't seem to bother them that PBS is 6 or 7 years behind the British airing; they just enjoy it whenever (although Mom occasionally reads up on it via Wikipedia). 

Which makes me curious.  I'm familiar with the tone and can recognize several characters' faces at this point, but have no idea what kind of show it's supposed to be over there, or what the demographic is.  Is it considered terrible like American daytime soaps?  Is it just there and ubiquitous, like syndicated comedies here?  It's not, like, Srs Drama, is it?  Exactly who watches it?  I'm just really curious.  This show practically exists in a vacuum for me, and it's kind of amazing to think about anyone except my family seeing it.
Also, I know the Battlestar Galactica fandom exploded this week, but it's been very incoherent so far.  I can't figure out if I'm supposed to be offering condolence hugs with tea and sympathy, handing you soapboxes for angry ranting, or toasting in celebration.  So, um, pick whichever option works for you, and I'll deliver that.
Now, witness the winding, twisting path by which I watched episodes this weekend:

Secret Life of the American Teenager, 1x22, in which we wait for baby
Summary: While awaiting the birth of her baby, Amy flashes back to when she first met Ricky while at band camp.

And after seeing this, suddenly I have an intense desire to make a fanvid for this show set to Taylor Swift's "Fifteen."  I mean, I'm sure one already exists - yep, there we go, although get the lyric "You sit in class next to a redhead named Abigail and soon enough you're best friends," and you pair that with Ben proposing to Amy?  REALLY? - but I'd really like to make it using all the characters.  I could even be all symbolic and use shots of the parents for the chorus lyric "(this is life) before you know who you're supposed to be."  ...I say this like I have any knowledge whatsoever of how to make music videos.

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Bones, 4x17, "The Salt In The Wounds"
I wish this episode had a face.  Or five faces.  So I could punch them all simultaneously (assuming I had a couple of goons to help).

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CSI, 9x17, "No Way Out"
Summary: Langston and Riley are taken hostage during the aftermath of a shootout in an usually calm Las Vegas community.
Me: And we really have to rescue them?  Are you sure?  Can the title be prophetic instead? I mean, all things considered...I like the guy, but I'm totally willing to sacrifice Ray as collateral damage if it gets Riley killed off.  I know we'd still have to replace at least one of them, but I'll roll dice and take my chances with an unknown variable.

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Grey's Anatomy, 5x18, "Stand By You"
"Is it wrong to have hatred in your heart?"
Oh, George.  Not if you're watching this show!  Then it is totally right, and in fact encouraged at all times!

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