March 23rd, 2009


Today is my...1,000th post!!

(I may or may not have been carefully tracking this fact all month, maybe with a Post-It note on my computer featuring "25 to go" and tally marks)

Factoring in my backdated posts, it's taken me about a month shy of 3 years to get to this point.  Here's to the next thousand!  *clinks glasses* 

In celebration, I thought we we would take a break from the thick swamp of episodic TV talk and discuss some other things.

A. Remember when I was telling you about how all movies in 2009 look terrible so far?  Yeah, I found the first one I want to see in theaters. 

Because I was poking through Office Tally after a few days away, and I saw the trailer for Away We Go.  Was not aware John Krasinski even had a movie coming out this summer, but BASICALLY, I EXPLODED WITH JOY.  Flailing all over the place.  Must have.  Must have right now. 

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B. Deleted scene #2 from last week's episode of The Office is up, and my only question is WHY DID YOU NOT LEAVE THIS IN, AS THE OVERALL EPISODE QUALITY WOULD HAVE IMPROVED EXACTLY 350%.  (This is what I always say about Jim/Pam scenes.  But that is becauseJim/Pam scenes should never be cut.  Except that one time when I agreed the TH about watching DVDs worked better as an internet extra than within the context of the episode.  Whatever.  Shut up.  This one should have been left in.)

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C. A literature meme yanked from afteriwake , yay!

1) What author do you own the most books by? This is a good question!  I actually had to think about it, but J.K. Rowling still tops the list.  Unless we include series books, in which case K.A. Applegate takes it, since I have the first 20 or so from Animorphs. 

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