April 26th, 2009


Je l'évoque dans ma mémoire

*eyes widen*  Um.  Y'all know Office and I are currently in a blood feud, since I remind you every week, but SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THE LAST EPISODE WAS GOOD.  Because I asked my mom if Jim and Pam shared a scene, and all she said was "Yes," but then I inexplicably tiptoed over to MTT to get a hint of what that scene or scenes might be about, and it seemed like SOMETHING EXCELLENT might have taken place, but I am afraid to keep reading.  So.  You should tell me about it/them.  In detail.  Without spoiling the plot, if it at all possible.  If not, give me the details anyway. 


Huh, that edit sort of renders this post pointless.  Let me remedy that with a SURVEY!

51 questions of randomosity
1. What are three fun words you can make out of your name (first, middle, and last)?
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P.S. Oh crap!  I nearly forgot that today is the 3-year anniversary of my starting a TV blog (on Xanga, a/k/a "this is why my entries date back to before I created my LJ").  Normally we would have some sort of special post content to celebrate, but you may have noticed that I've been having a sort of existential crisis over Doctor Who lately, so I've scrapped that.  Then again - this week starting tonight, for possibly the first time in history, absolutely every show I watch is going to be new.  That's a noteworthy way to kick off my anniversary, right?  I mean, we're talking over 15 series here...lining up like that is unprecedented.