June 4th, 2009


Various sundry displeasures

1. It is highly irresponsible of me to even link to this.  But.  I was transfixed by its horribleness, and still only made it halfway through before I couldn't take any more, so now I want to inflict the torture on all of you.  (on a related note, tonight I'm a Celebrity took an unprecedented page out of Survivor and invented a challenge with an obstacle course, puzzle blocks, and no live animals whatsoever.  I am well and truly shocked.)

2. Doomed to despair, I told myself.  The Sarah Jane Adventures is a British show that started out being amazing and therefore I am doomed to despair, but do I listen?  Oh no.  Guess what, I just finished the first adventure of series 2 and this is me, despairing!

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3. Speaking of British shows on a downward slide, I finished the remainder of Primeval.  Normally I would be all "OMGWTF I've actually run out of episodes and now there's a really long time until there are more, assuming there even will be!", but at this point my emotional investment in the show is like 90% gone. Yeah, unlike apparently the vast majority of people, I used to have emotional investment in it!  Remember, way back in last week?  I miss those days.  They were nice.

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4. So You Think You Can Dance chose its Top 20 tonight, so I've finally started watching.  Alas, I haven't latched onto anybody yet, so as I say every year, apparently this crop of dancers is going to suck even more than last year's.  (Yes, I am going to whine about the glory days of Benji/Travis/Musa/Donyelle/Allison/Martha and Neil/Pasha/Hok/Lauren/Jaimie forever.)  

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