June 11th, 2009


Angels and Devils (note: not Demons)

After approximately 1,072 hours of work (random estimate), and less than a month after it aired (hurrah!), I have finished my master's thesis thoughts on the season 5 finale of Numb3rs. Which most of you don't watch and therefore will not read. Probably this is a good thing; I feel like I got fairly loopy towards the end. But, um, I enjoyed the process and that's what counts? Incidentally, this is my new favorite episode of the entire series, which is why I can perhaps be forgiven for saying several thousand words about it.

In retrospect, it probably would have been easier just to do a straight-up picspam. Why didn't I consider that a viable possibility?

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Digital TV, and SYTYCD

(I felt like that last post was entirely too positive for me, and hastened to replace it with something grumpier)

Aw, hell.  Is June 12 tomorrow already?  *does not want to make full-on DTV switch*  I hate digital television!  I hate it!  IT IS TERRIBLE.  Collapse )

Rant off: 

Huh.  I'm starting to think I should have made sure there was a place to watch So You Think You Can Dance online before I chose to screw over the Top 20 for another double helping of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here."  But, I can't help it!  Lou Diamond Phillips and Tori "Ray of Sunshine" Wilson light up my life in ways none of the dancers have managed to do yet!

Oh, never mind, found a copy.  A tragically low-quality copy, all blurry-like, but it will have to do.  Collapse )

Sarah Jane Smith

Elisabeth Sladen is my new hero. I want you all to be aware of this fact.

In the background, I am still wrapped in a bubble of immutable squee over The Office.  But because it's caused part of my brain to freeze over in joy, in the other part of the background, I have been happily soaking up the remainder of The Sarah Jane Adventures.  It still baffles me that I am caught up on this show enough to not only anticipate new episodes, but go off hunting spoilers.  (what?  Of course I went spoiler-hunting about five minutes after I finished 2x12.  That is my purpose!)

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But meanwhile, I have tappity-tapped some thoughts on said remaining episodes.  

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[Edit: Scratch that -- I will have thoughts on the last two stories later, because in the process of looking up other posts on them, I have gotten immensely distracted.  Stream of consciousness style.]

O hai there, Wikipedia informs me that there are novelisations of this series, too.  Ooh.  The likelihood of my finding those at the library is slim to nil - no wait, it's just nil - but I'd still love to see them...it's always fun to see narrative and descriptive details as interpreted by an author. 

OH HEY, and apparently, there are also audiobooks (minus the book option) as read by Sladen??  *curses no longer having InterLibrary Loan at her fingertips; does not wish to pay $7-10 apiece to download*  Um.  Is it bad that my love of this series is fast outpacing that for Doctor Who?  OK, it will probably never actually reach that point, but I think it's tied.  Every time I turn around there are new and more wonderful things about it.

I think it's high time I added[info]soniclipstick, don't you?

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