July 3rd, 2009

Jim Time Lord

Been busy. Goin' places. Listenin' to stuff.


B. Apparently So You Think You Can Dance had an opportunity to get rid of Phillip, but they cut two of my favoritesCollapse )instead.  This is why we're through, show!  THIS IS WHY.

C. Torchwood Radio Plays, 2009: Apparently I can cram this much nonsense into my head at once.

1. "Asylum"
Even before I listened to this, I saw PC Andy in the summary.  AND SUDDENLY THIS FANDOM GOT TWICE AS FUN.  After listening to it, I'm practically ready to forgive them for "Exit Wounds."  Yep, Andy is just that great.  He reminded me that I am capable of having emotions besides hate and annoyance about this show!

Collapse )

2. "Golden Age"
By contrast, this was a big fat letdown.  Collapse )

3. "The Dead Line"
The first one was SO GREAT.  The second one was SO TERRIBLE.  And the third one was...adequate.  By which I mean, I feel like it was written for the shippers.  Not being one of them, I had no real use for it.

Collapse )

D. Saw "Away we Go" yesterday.  Have a lot of things to say about it, but the most pressing thing right now is how royally it's screwing with my daydreams.  Jim blends into Burt, Verona to Pam - the couples keep mixing themselves up as soon as I try to zero in on one.  Mostly, I am having a devil of a time keeping Jim beardless in my head.  It's very distressing!  Stupid Office and its stupid worst possible timing for that little plot twist...