January 25th, 2010


My stellar Monday highlights

-COME ON, VIKINGS.  I watch you for 25 minutes this year, and all you do is screw  yourselves out of the Super Bowl?  (On a related note -- I don't know who else is in the Bowl this year, but the Saints need to LOSE IT.  That will be my revenge.)

-Is it possible for anyone to identify this song?  Because it's very pretty, and I need it, except there are no clues at all, and my French minor is not coming in as handy as you would think for recognizing lyrics.  (is it even French?  That's how tough a time I'm having identifying it)  As a bonus, if you look past the foreign subtitles, the video's a really lovely summary of "Angels and Devils."

[Edit: Okay, fine! It's Bulgarian, which I...should have gotten from the poster's country of origin, so I guess there was one clue. It's "Zavinagi" by Anelia and Miro, a/k/a, "there is no way in hell I would have found this if I hadn't sucked it up and messaged the OP." Anyway, hooray!]

The Office: "The Banker"
Oh, Office.  Really, a clip show?  I thought you were better than Scrubs.

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