February 12th, 2010


Just leave me your wake to remember you by...

Clever opening: *doesn't exist*

I just have a list of things I want to write about, and I am in their grip, so I will remain particularly bent on this goal and uninteresting outside of those subjects until I shove all the topics out of the queue.  Hope that's cool.  Oh, and I re-opened comments on the last post after deeming myself too lazy to integrate it into this one after all.

Lost: 6x03, "What Kate Does"
Your average exposition episode, not the worst of its kind but also nothing especially exciting, except for HOMG, THAT SCENE.

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And now for Numb3rs catch-up, while I hardcore deny the fact that I have exactly two more episodes and one month left until this beloved show of mine is out of my life for possibly ever. 

6x13, "Devil Girl"
You know, when I first saw the summary I thought this looked like the best plot of the year (proof: written by Julie Hebert).  Then I saw Lazlo’s name attached, and I suspected it would find a way to suck.  I WAS RIGHT.  See, I already went through this phenomenon with "Hydra."  BUSTER BLUTH = MOST TERRIBLE THING EVER.

And I feel terrible saying this, because I recently declared this writer my favorite of the pack and now I feel like I should love it on principle, but my convictions stand.  There's a good idea in there, but it got buried in dreck.

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6x14, "And The Winner Is..."
If I have one worry about this episode, it's that we may have another 'Arrow of Time' situation on our hands whereby am so blown away with love and adoration for the first scene that I never quite calm down enough to gain perspective on the episode as a whole.

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P.S. MEDIUM. You did *not* just try to stamp down official canon that Allison was five weeks pregnant with Ariel when they got marr...wait a minute, no, NO, she had a miscarriage like two years before that. How do you reconcile that fact, show? Because either way, it looks a whooooole lot like you are adding to this TV trend of "babies first, wedding second," and for crying out loud, can't you even let me have traditional order for a couple who were married for 10+ years when the series began??