March 3rd, 2010


Neat Stuff! Which I am posting way, way too late to sound sane...

I'm sorry, did NBC just release over 4 minutes' worth of clips from "The Delivery"?  Yes.  Did I immediately watch them all?  Of course.  How am I feeling?  STILL SPECTACULAR!  God, this is going to bite me so hard...  But I swear I love every single second that I have seen!  Even the things that make me cringe, I am cringing with a smile hidden away because, I don't know, despite all the red flags and potential to be AWFUL written in the summaries, it is somehow playing out just as I hoped.  Largely thanks to Jim.

Trying not to spoil things here, but -- Collapse )

Lost, 6x06, "Sundown"
Is it a Sayid episode?  It is!  All right, finally, an interesting flash-sideways.  The island, not so much...until the end, when all of a sudden it's OMGWTFPOLARBEAR.

Collapse )

Speaking of smoke monsters, I saw the most wonderful Scrubs episode ever tonight.  *looks stuff up*  "My Princess."  BEST.  Live-action fairy tales!  (*cough* and/or, um, a Princess Bride parody; not my fault, I only saw it once)  Horses!  In the context of a bedtime story being told to Jack! (ADORABLE). Jordan/Perry bonus!  A mystery diagnosis to solve, complete with clues for the clever viewer!  (NAILED IT)   Acknowledgment that JD & Elliot are both idiots!  (but in my world, just because they're idiots.  Not because they didn't get together.  Also, remind me someday to vent about how gross I find them as a couple)  It was magical, both literally and figuratively.