March 10th, 2010


She's the kind of girl you'd adore

Did Christmas, Easter, my birthday, and International Give Someone A Present Day all fall on March 4th this year?  Because that is the approximate level of enjoyment I got out of this gift package.

The Office, "The Delivery"
First off, let's get one thing straight: baby episode > wedding episode.  I have already said that several times, but I will say it several times more, any and every time I run across someone making the opposite (incorrect) statement.

Second, I tripped over "Thoughts From a Labor & Delivery RN/Doula," which offers some absolutely fantastic observations on the episode.  Plus she's at least 90% positive re: accurate portrayal, which I take as validating proof that when this show wants to transcend its general idiocy and not completely sacrifice emotional weight in the name of comedy, it can.  Guess which episode didn't manage that? 

Okay, okay, snark-free is the way to be.  Because this hour was one big explosion of love and flailing, followed by four hours of continuous flailing before I went to bed, and basically they exceeded all of my expectations by about five thousand percent.  This was near Glee-levels of 'oh, there's no way they will indulge me this time OH MY GOD, THEY TOTALLY GRANTED MY SELF-INDULGENT WISHLIST.'

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"White rabbits and lost innocence, and the flaws of a too-human heart"

Lost, 6x07, "Dr. Linus"
Wow.  I cannot remember the last time - if ever - that I was captivated by an episode of this show from start to finish without a trace of desire to fast-forward.  And I didn't even have any of my favorite characters present!  How did they pull that off?

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Hem, hem:

^ Same woman, one TV generation apart.

FANDOM. BEHAVE BETTER.  I do not have time to write a whole anti-Sheldon diatribe from scratch this week, okay, I am a little bit tied up in writing about things that are awesome, but I promise you that I can hold a grudge and randomly whip one out long after this tournament is forgotten and nobody cares anymore. 

Oh, and turns out I am still supporting Sue Sylvester because she's about my last chance to win points in the betting pool, so, Veronica Mars?  OUTTA SUE'S WAY, GLEE FOR THE MOTHERFUCKING WIN.  (I care less about this one, though.  Sue shouldn't really be high on anyone's fave character list)
Curses!  I watched American Idol last night, because it was amazing.  Seriously, I kept trying to walk away and couldn't.  All of these girls are phenomenal, except for the frowny one who sang Chaplin's "Smile," a/k/a "the song that practically begs you to get kicked off next."  From what little I have seen of the boys, everyone except Casey James sucks, so I'm not looking forward to combining the two groups...but I am about ready to make a mix CD out of last night's performances. 

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