March 12th, 2010


"A friend of mine once said this house is magical. I think he's right."

Numb3rs, 6x15, "Growin' Up"
Is it just me, or did it feel like they were working overtime to cram in as many Cute Moments as possible while they still had the opportunity?  I am definitely not complaining.  Just marveling at what seemed to be an extraordinary amount of touching and cuddling.  That's pretty standard for this show, which loves love, but...whatever, there was a lot of squeeing on my end.

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On a March Madness-related topic, Buffy is currently whupping Sheldon in the championship round, which is nice, because it means I won't have to spend tomorrow afternoon trashing one of his campaign posters (I mean, um, who said that?  I have never done such a thing in my life).  BuI must admit that the very first comment - "Exit Polls" - is also the absolute best bit of campaigning anyone has done for anyone during the entire tournament.

Let me just copy & paste fujiidom 's brilliance here for posterity: "Why did you vote for Sheldon?"

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Office Post. It's like 'post office,' but backwards and meaning something completely different.

It's official, everything even remotely connected to "The Delivery" is pure gold.  Take, for example, the third deleted scene.  Which contains what may somehow be my favorite Jim/Pam exchange ever --

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ALSO!  The Q&A with this episode's writers just went up, and I learned so many incredible things.  My favorite was the part where they originally planned to have part 2 include everyone at the hospital, a 'natural comedy engine,' but ultimately decided that would be too much - "at the end of the day, you just hated everyone for stealing the moment from Jim and Pam." Um,  YES? That is exactly what I was afraid of, that was exactly what I didn't want to see, and you checked yourselves!  HI, I LOVE YOU.

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The Office, "St. Patrick's Day"
And now, for the traditional slump that necessarily follows a mind-bogglingly good installment.  Which is fine, as I was in need of a recovery period anyway.

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Mt. Fandom


My favorite part of the Numb3rs finale was not the squeeful thing at the beginning.  Or the squeeful thing at the end.  I mean, those were amazing, but no, my very favorite part of it was:


From the pilot to Primacy and now to the final scene of the series, forever my favorite, and seeing it at the end made me so happy that I actually missed some of the dialogue while I was jumping for joy.  Yes, I do have a ridiculous attachment to this shirt, and I don't care.  It is iconic, somehow, in the manner of Booth's belt buckle. 

Specific thoughts later.  Still in state of delirious shock, too electrified with general joy to hit my weeping corner yet, but I'm already scared of what will happen when I come down from this high.  I suspect chocolate may be involved.

P.S. Dear Nicholas Falacci, that plug for public health care was the absolute clunkiest, clumsiest shoehorning in of a political statement in the history of television.  ORGANIC WRITING FAIL.