March 14th, 2010


Computer Gaming

Something I've had at the back of my mind ever since I did that computer survey, so I think I'll rehash it in a public space.  Are PC/general computer games - the kind you buy, not play online - a thing of the past?  Are they completely outpaced by video console games, the aforementioned internet games, or do people just outgrow them after like age 12?  Because I adore 'em, but I feel like nobody ever mentions them.  Is it because you have better things to do with your time?  (PROBABLY.)  

Regardless, today I thought I'd discuss some classics.  And by "classics" I mean "whichever CD-ROMs I can physically pull off my shelf."  I'd also like to remind you that when it comes to gaming, I am largely stuck in the 90's, because that decade was full of win.  It will also become pretty self evident that I pledge my allegiance to what I call 3M: Maxis, MECC, and Microsoft.

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