March 17th, 2010


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Remember when I told you I found two Interview Lady notebooks? Well, you lucky people are the first to see some never-before-released sketches from the margins. These have very little relation to the storyline, but it was shortly after St. Patrick's Day and Nat was killing time by using our combined army of Gelly Roll pens to sketch a few of our Digi Destined in possible holiday apparel. Or...not, as the case may be.

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Lost: Heroes vs. Villains

I should probably have saved that title for later in the season, if/when there's actual conflict between the main camps...but whatever, that's how I am referring to the season in my head.  Not least because, just like on Survivor, I'm siding with the Heroes (Jacob's posse) and yet cannot deny that the Villains side has most of the interesting people. 

Lost, 6x08, "Recon"
Ooh, that was right up there with last week's level of quality - but this time featuring my favorite remaining character.  I approve. 
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While I'm here: the Numb3rs finale is currently locked in a box until such time as I am ready to start dealing with it (FEELINGS!  I have so many.  Preview version: "I love how much this show loves love."), but in the meantime, let me get out my thoughts on the less-exciting shows that precede it, since honestly...I don't know how invested I'm going to be in tuning in to the spirit of Friday night when the heart is gone.
(that was clever, wasn't it?  I thought so)

Ghost Whisperer, 5x16, "Old Sins Cast Long Shadows"
You know how all my procedurals and alien sci-fi shows are always teasing me with the prospect of haunted houses, and then frustrating me with their scientific explanations?  I forgot that Ghost Whisperer is the vehicle that can deliver them to me for real.  THAT WAS SO AMAZING.  AND TERRIFYING.  SO TERRIFYING.  I cannot even stress to you how much that scared me; see, this is why I started watching in the first place! 

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Medium, 6x16, "Allison Rolen Got Married" 
I will just assume that this entire episode, from start to finish, was an AU rather than 'backstory,' because otherwise it screws over a lot more canon than just ignoring the pre-Ariel miscarriage. 

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