March 19th, 2010


First Friday without my show. I will just...pretend it is on hiatus for basketballl, yeah.

Reason #325 that Numb3rs is awesome: its star writes a thank-you letter to its main fan site.  Favorite bit:

"It is important that you know that we have enjoyed our relationship with you, as much as you've enjoyed your relationship with us.  Which is why, despite contrary requests, we were diligent in providing you, our fans, with a season/series ender that would hopefully satisfy your desires and provide you with a sense of closure. As a fan of television myself, it burns me when a show I love is abruptly yanked off the air without any resolution to its story lines. We all felt that you deserved better."
The Office: New Leads
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Totally unrelated: the more I see of My Name Is Earl, the angrier I get that NBC kicked it off while preserving the likes of friggin' Parks and Recreation.  Which I have also seen a fair amount of, one way or another, so I have all kinds of justification for how terrible I know it to be. "Earl" has me LOL-ing all over the place; P&R involves me sitting there with a piercing death glare over how much I hate everyone.  Ugh, even 30 Rock can occasionally make me crack a smile, and there's certainly no love lost there either. 

Hey, let's turn this into an unofficial round of Why I Don't Watch Your Show!  It's been a long time since I've done that.  Possibly only once, and I didn't take reader input at the time.  This time, write in.  Here, I'll put it in italics to make it an official-looking meme:

Leave a comment listing up to 5 of your shows that I don't watch, and I'll explain why it's not on my radar.  (Or, if you get lucky, I might surprise you and agree to give it a chance.)

The truth might hurt, my friends.  But it will entertain me, which is what counts.  [Edit: The only one you're not allowed to ask about is Supernatural, as I think we've covered that territory pretty well.]