April 1st, 2010


The Music of 2010: Quarter 1

Because I refuse to accept that you don't love reading these entries as much as I love writing them.

The only conclusion I can draw this time around is that I’ve apparently gotten incredibly strict about entry requirements for the list. That, or I’ve just stopped listening to music altogether.  I need to watch better TV.

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Worst - April Fool's - Ever.

At midnight, I decided that this year, instead of my annual avoid-the-internet tradition, I was just going to embrace the holiday.  Come what may, prank away!  Let's actively see how many sites I can get to screw with my head!  The result?  Disappointment. 

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Maybe this week's TV will be kinder to me?  Especially since I've decided to just forgo Survivor in favor of burying myself in Tocantins clips on YouTube, basking in the glory that was last spring.

Lost, 6x10, "The Package"
I'm really surprised by how much I wanted The Story of Ricardo Alpert to continue this week, instead of hanging out with the full cast.  And that was before it took half an hour to quit dragging its feet and pick up some interesting story threads.

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Bones, 5x15, "Bones on the Blue Line"
I missed this show so much!  Earlier tonight I was on that site I'm apparently addicted to now, watching things like this and wondering why the hell they aren't together yet.  Which, as you know, is not a thing I have wondered very often over the course of this series, but now I'm officially impatient.  That's two steps below frustrated, so don't keep me waiting here.

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