April 4th, 2010

VCR kill #8

Think of this post as an Easter basket. So many goodies inside!

So I'll just be...staring at this for a while.  I can has several new icons? 
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I did absolutely nothing worthwhile past noon today, between restocking on Neopets and discovering that I am now grossly addicted to YouTube.  But you guys like YouTube, right?  And you'd enjoy it if I suddenly...HIT YOU WITH A DELUGE OF VIDEOS?  WHAM!  OVERLOAD!  What is this "moderation" of which you speak?

Technically, it started a couple of days ago, when the musical episode of That 70's Show aired, and I remembered how I love that one with every fiber of my heart and soul. It only gets better with age.  Go ahead, watch this clip and try not to be filled with joy:

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I am a heathen.

Sorry, God, but I have heard this same story read enough times that when it began in church today, I inevitably started thinking about the 'three days rule' episode of HIMYM instead:

Marshall: Barney, don't do this.  Not with Jesus.

Barney: Seriously. Jesus started the whole wait-three-days thing. He waited three days to come back to life. It was perfect!  If he'd have only waited one day, a lot of people wouldn’t have even heard that he died!  They’d be all, 'Hey, Jesus, what up?’  And Jesus would probably be like, ‘What up? I died yesterday.'  And then they’d be all, ‘Uh, you look pretty alive to me, dude.’  And then Jesus would have to explain how he was resurrected.  And how it was a miracle.  And then, the dude would be like, ‘Uh, okay, whatever you say, bro.'

Robin: Wow, ancient dialogue sounds so stilted now.

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In other news, sound the alarms and bells and whistles, because I have found a drink I like - nay, love and adore: mimosas.  They are delicious!  Is there even alcohol in these?  I have my doubts!  And it's weird, because I'm not even really that big a fan of orange juice (it is deeply inferior to all other juices), but the flavor winds up tasting basically like pineapple juice with no burn at all.  I am pretty sure that if I am ever left to my own devices, entire bottles of sparkling wine will disappear in 12-hour periods without hesitation.  So good.  And they even have a cute name to go with it, double score!