April 7th, 2010


Tuesday night

Well, that was some weird boundary crossing, as Mr. Schue & Finn - oh yes, quite in character - introduced American Idol.  I mean, it was adorable, but...bzuh? 

You know who was amazing this week?  Boring old Michael Lynche.  It might have been related to the fact that everybody else sang stupid songs I hate, but he came out there with the most awesome version of "Eleanor Rigby" I have ever heard.  True, for the first 10 seconds it was hideously dull and I was hissing about stupid contestants always killing my beloved song, but then he turned it around and my jaw fell to the floor. It was like it was on the radio - a thought I had before it became the judges' catchphrase of the night - and even though it was R&B styling, it was incredible.

On another note, Tim Urban is officially my reality-TV boyfriend of the trimester.  My heart, that smile, whooshy things, yes.

Lost, 6x11, "Happily Ever After"
Huh.  I really thought there'd be more to enjoy in this one, but after the first five minutes it was just a long slog during which I kept wandering off to go watch the hospital scenes in episode 100.  What part of "I still have no interest in their pre-boat-reunion life" wasn't clear to you?  That includes AU lives! 

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Those of you not interested in the above can play this game, which I have stolen from various people, because everyone likes guessing  games:
Pick 15 of your ships and write down a quote for each of them. Have your flist guess the ships without using Google / IMDB.

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