April 17th, 2010


Posting after midnight = questionable brain function. Proceed with caution.

1. Disturbing realization: My Name Is Earl is kind of, uh, joining the likes of The Office & That 70's Show where I can see episodes multiple times and still adore them.  I don't know what happened to me.  But this is, bizarrely, like the most endearing thing ever (with a healthy dose of hilarity, and trashiness in a fun way).  It warms my soul!  SOMEONE TALK ABOUT THIS SHOW SO I FEEL LESS ALONE.  Does it even have a fandom?  It doesn't, does it.  But I love iiiiiiiiiit.  *whines*

2. Speaking of That 70's Show, how has no one told me about Season 8 Redo (with bonus end-of-season-7 redo), a/k/a, the most wonderful fanfic experience you will ever have?  *basks*  Sure, it appears to have been abandoned at some point and never actually given a proper conclusion, but it's still like 40 bonus episodes.  You can just pretend it got randomly canceled, because that would still be better than the Fez/Jackie ending.
3. In other news, you might remember me mentioning that I have banned myself from the library until I get a job.  This is not technically a ban on reading, but since I have so very little gumption to read books I actually own, the end result is the same.  My frustration manifested itself in a) annotating my 2007-2008 reading list, so I could at least think about books, and b) a poll about my favorite juvenile literature.  Outsourced as usual, because you people are not sufficiently click-happy when I post here, but you should go participate because it is jolly. 

[Although I continue to feel mopey about how many early Newberry Award Winners/honorable mentions have faded into obscurity (51 people have voted.  You know how many have read My Father's Dragon, Calico Bush or my beloved Gone-Away Lake?  NONE.  Sounder?  Hitty, Her First Hundred Years?  ONE.)  And for real, if you have never read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, get thee to a library STAT because you can't even imagine how much you are missing out.  She's admittedly pulling 33% at the moment, but that is still less than half, and way less than the 90% I'm pretty sure it should be.]

P.S. I am watching a Bernie Mac rerun right now, and besides a random Ellen DeGeneres appearance, you know who is guest-starring as Vanessa's hot cheerleader friend?  SANTANA FROM GLEE.  See, it was destiny.