April 21st, 2010

New Earth

1 part crankiness, 2 parts fandom goodies

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2. Bones is still on suspension for bad behavior, but I accidentally found some fabulous and rather amusing fanart which needs to be shared with you yesterday.

3. Speaking of yesterday, I wasted a significant portion of my life watching this thing o' beauty multiple times in a row:

Watch it!  You will laugh until your sides hurt.  If you are me, you will also feel pangs of exquisite woe, as it reminds you how much you adore Ten, in ways you might have even forgotten, followed by renewed stabbing hatred towards Eleven.  But, um, focus on the laughter and the perfection of all the songs/sequences chosen. I especially love Ch-Ch-Changes, in all its heartbreaking but remarkably well-edited glory.

4. I have yet to watch either Lost or Glee, because I was out last night, and now I am sitting here full of so much feverish anticipation for both that I ACTUALLY CANNOT CHOOSE which to watch first, with the result that I am somehow watching neither even though I sat down here an hour ago.  I can't handle having so much awesome TV on Tuesday!