April 25th, 2010


This is a mighty big TV post.

1. Apparently last week was the "Accidentally On Purpose" finale, so Collapse )
2. I had trouble following the early logic on Law & Order: SVU.  See if you can help me put my finger on it:

Collapse )
Lost, 6x13, "The Last Recruit"
BAM!  I knew there was a reason this show is my #1 fandom at the moment.  This hour delivered on about 527 separate fronts.

Collapse )

Glee, 1x15, "The Power of Madonna"
Well, that was mediocre.  I figured it would be, given all the hype/post-episode squee/its general subject matter, but I was still hoping they'd prove me wrong.  They didn't.

Collapse )

The Office, "Secretary's Day"
This episode was such an excruciating waste of time that I skipped about half of it and have no plans to rectify that.  I'm beginning to think they should make this a half-year show, because it's always so great in the fall, then midwinter it stumbles and by spring it's just falling apart.

Collapse )