May 18th, 2010


Official Upfronts! Day 1.

All right, NBC, let's go.  Unleash the wrath!

Stupid Decisions
-Canceling Law & Order before it could break records as the longest-running drama series.  Granted, I have only seen like 5 episodes in the last 2 years, but my spyin' ears have been soaking up enough knowledge through osmosis to know it's had an upswing in quality lately, and furthermore that this is the first year in a while you haven't threatened to cancel it at every turn, so I'm peeved that after 20 years on the air, there was no apparent plan to wrap it up forever.  I realize the only show with less character-driven action is the local news, but with all that history, it deserves a proper conclusion.

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How you doin', FOX?   Much better than NBC, apparently.

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In other news, I finally located my Entertainment Weekly where every major article is about Lost, and whose beautiful cover features Josh Holloway.  I never win at cover lottery when there are multiple options, but the one time it really matters, I lucked out!  This also put me in the fun position of my mom asking me to answer various questions about what's happened since she stopped watching in season 2.  Turns out you really do feel like a crazy person when you try to explain this show in a nutshell to a non-fan.  Who knew?

("The importance of the numbers?  Uh, they correspond to these names of the castaways on a list, a list written by this kind of immortal...island protector who brought them there because he's looking for a candidate to take over his place, and um...what does that have to do with the guy pushing a button?  We may have some ground to cover here..." Second question: "'WHO ARE THE OTHERS'?!  LIKE, THE ENTIRE SERIES IS ABOUT DETERMINING WHO THE 47 VARIETIES OF 'OTHERS' ARE."  So maybe it's a touch more complicated than I led you to believe.  But only if you ask questions instead of just watching new episodes.)