May 27th, 2010


Fare thee well

Watched the American Idol finale - well, half of it; I got a late start.  Enough to see all the previous winners (minus David Cook, thank heavens), led by queen Kelly Clarkson at the center, come out singing a tribute to Simon, quickly flanked by approximately a zillion other previous Top 12 contestants (familiar faces all over the place!  JUSTIN GUARINI, HELL YEAH).  Paula Abdul was inexplicably yet adorably perched on Simon's lap the whole time.  I actually got a little bit choked up seeing everybody come home like that. Shut it.

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Still figuring out how to write about Glee without getting myself in trouble. Pretty sure that's an impossible task.  Who knew Lady Gaga would be the least of my problems?  Meanwhile, check out my handy-dandy summer schedule if you haven't seen it yet, and then mull over this.

How I Met Your Mother: 5x24, "Doppelgangers"
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