June 11th, 2010


Finally, an easy one.

Day 05 - A show you hate: Family Guy. 

It is harder to avoid it lately, now that it turns up in syndication all over the choicest spots on MyNetwork, and every second of it I see lights up my rage center like a nuclear explosion.  It's disgusting, it's crass/borderline obscene, it's repetitive and not at all funny, it's offensive on every level including some I didn't know existed, and even though I get that they are cartoon characters (and I will not complain for one second about the level of violence toward women on my various crime dramas), the way they play the constant verbal/emotional/physical abuse of Meg as a running gag simply infuriates me. What do I have to do to make it die and STAY DEAD?

And that's the end of my, like, 15 minutes on the internet for the day before I attempt to do this thing called "sleeping"* and recharge for tomorrow's garage sales at 9.  *posts and runs*