June 12th, 2010


This is why Numb3rs should have been the answer to every question.

Fair warning, this probably will only make sense to people who know X-Files to some degree.  Is that most of you?  Please say it's most of you.

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show
: I didn't know this answer even when it was like the ONLY show I watched.  I certainly don't know it now, when I haven't seen anything in about two years!  There are too many that are equally amazing for various reasons!  Okay, um, um, um, hard decisions, hard decisions, it has to be from either season 5 or 7 because those were magical years of AMAZEMENT, so...

Oh, whatever, I don't know, so let's say "Chinga."  Because even though Mulder and Scully are apart for most of it and Mulder's not even really in it at all, evil talking dolls are TERRIFYING FOREVER.  No matter how old you get. 

Juts for kicks, several runners-up in no particular order: Bad Blood, All Souls (CREEPIEST.  CORPSES.  EVER.), Detour, Fearful Symmetry, Humbug, the Sixth Extinction trilogy, Post-Modern Prometheus, Paper Hearts, Elegy, Syzygy, The Pine Bluff Variant, Chimera, Je Souhaite, Within/Without, Roadrunners. 

Special Doggett nomination: Invocation (that stayed with me for weeks)

I really wish I had time to dig out my old lists of favorites and/or narrow it down to a top 5 with a blurb about each one, but sorry!  No pictures today either, on account of how it's party time in under 24 hours, and now that my 20-minute break is over I probably have to go scrub a floor or something.  Seriously.  Or make large quantities of pasta salad?  I'm hoping it's the pasta salad one.