June 24th, 2010


A little bit late and a little bit early

Day 17 - Favorite mini series: Only one will ever have my heart: Lost in Austen.

Yes, on paper, it is a self-insert fanfic of Pride and Prejudice, but in practice, it becomes an astounding AU in ways that should not be possible.  Alex Kingston as Mrs. Bennett makes it fantastic on principle, but then I find I'm quite enamored of our Mary Sue (here known as "Amanda").  If you got the chance to literally walk into your favorite novel, wouldn't you jump at the chance?  That's probably why I like it so much, it is a daydream downloaded from my brain and made available for viewing.  Plus, the costumes and scenery are magnificent, which is like par for the course on anything Austen-related, but still puts it a cut above your average TV production.

Day 18 - Favorite title sequence
You just know that as soon as I post this I will remember a dozen or so I really love, but right now and partially in the name of show diversity...Ghost Whisperer.  You might remember me saying that if I had seen the theme song earlier, I would have felt more favorable to to the series overall?  It's just such a perfect blend of eeriness and old-fashioned images, I never get tired of watching it.


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Today is the best news for books ever.

First, remember when I jokingly asked if Glee could publish tie-in novels, and assumed that was a pipe dream?  IT'S HAPPENING.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  *runs around in giddy circles*  When will I learn that nothing is impossible when it comes to this show??  

Of course, there's the question of how in-character they'll be.  Tie-in novels tend to suffer from being written by professional writers who...do not really seem like they are fans of the show so much as working for a paycheck, but maybe this time we will get lucky. 

Second, remember how a few days ago I was telling you about that beautiful artistic Griffin-and-Sabine book I got?  Dad checked out the library sale cart today, and he found two more Bantock books, #5 & 6, sequels I didn't even know existed.  $1 each. 

I don't know how ex-library books managed this, especially with pieces that pull out, but they are both in perfect condition - the last book even still has the loose "win a trip to Paris!" postcard tucked into the dust jacket.  Better still, I performed magic and stripped every last trace of library markings from them - the only things left are a bit of ink from the 'discard' stamps that slipped off the sticker on the inside of the back covers, and they literally disappear into the background images so you have to know what you're looking for to even see them.

(yes, in most cases, I love the way ex-library copies look and will even leave the plastic wrap on, but there are certain books I just want to have a 'bookstore' look)

I AM SUCH A GREAT MOOD.  Thursdays are the best.