June 25th, 2010


Ooh, what is THIS strange development?

Surprise, I am deviating from my summer watchlist schedule!  Last night I got quite bogged down in my Glee review and threw in the towel to watch TV (New-to-me Community: Adorable & hilarious, as always!  First meeting with 100 Questions: amazing concept, sadly staffed with 100% boring people.). 

When the interesting stuff ran out and I needed more, I found the second episode of CSI: NY hanging out on my computer.  Which led to watching 5 episodes.  Sorry, hypothetical viewing plan!  I miss my Big Apple detectives.  It's easy to get sucked into the rush, especially with the giddy realization that I can watch the entire season as fast as I want to, no waiting for plot arcs to gradually unfold!

You know the drill - anybody have nicely tagged reviews (i.e., "any sort of episode-related thoughts") of this show that I could go back and read as I go along?  Don't make me rely on CSI Files; Huntley won't stop bringing up that THING WHICH TOTALLY NEVER HAPPENED between Stella and somebody I cannot remember in the premiere.  Does stellaluna_ still cover the episodes? 

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And lest we forget, Day 19 - Best TV show cast:
Oh, whatever; after much headache in an attempt to diversify, Numb3rs is getting this one all on its own.  I like every single main character, which is so rare that I am not sure any other show has ever managed it (Cold Case, maybe, but that's more "not disliking" rather than love in every case).  Okay, that agent in season 1 I have indifferent feelings about (as far as my vague memory allows), but they've brought on two additional agents (Liz & Nikki) whom I did not particularly like at first, and convinced me they were awesome - that's tough.  Meanwhile, the actors themselves are so much fun to have on camera, always with the random video diaries and enthusiastic interviews about their characters.  Which makes it all the more frustrating that, due to the ever-present threat of "budget," everybody except Rob Morrow & David Krumholtz took turns sitting 4 or 5 episodes out per season.