June 26th, 2010


And that's when I knew.

Day 20 - Favorite kiss
I like how only one ship came to mind.  And despite all of their dating/engaged/married kisses and much as I loved the parallel/repeat version in "Money," the end of Casino Night is the one that, even after all this time and 1093532 viewings, still thrills me most.  (Do I care that Pam is technically engaged to someone else at this point?  For once in my life, I do not.  At all.)  I swear you can actually hear something click into place when he slips his arms around her.  *contended sigh*

Fun fact: every time I watch this, my desire to strike the entirety of season 3 from the record renews itself.

...there would have been a video clip here if I could FIND ONE that was not part of a fan video (WTF, YouTube, why is this so hard).