June 28th, 2010


Will it ever stop? (yo, I don't know)

Whoops, my bad.  For some reason I thought the Compass Killer arc didn't wrap up until later in the year - see what happens when you rely on fandom osmosis?  I would have waited on the last post a little longer if I'd known the conclusion was waiting just around the bend.

6x09, "Manhattanhenge"
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"Death House"
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6x11, "Second Chances"
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I feel like season 6 is really great so far...but I also feel, in retrospect, like a chunk of season 5 was pretty great whereas my reviews complain all over the place, so maybe this is just how I always react when I mainline a show I like and don't have time to nitpick.
Day 22 - Favorite series finale
This question forced me to realize how comparatively few series finales I've seen, and more to the point, how less-than-stellar most of them were.  That's kinda depressing.  So, seeing as I probably shouldn't mention Numb3rs again (BUT WHY NOT.  Nobody died, and I got a marriage and an engagement in the same family!), let's say...oh, let's say Lost.  Spoiler-free summary:

I know there were parts of it that bored me, because it's Lost, but according to my reviews Lost always turns into a better show than I think it is, so I'll rely on my testimony rather than my gut.  I don't want anyone to get ideas about planning shows to run for a predetermined amount of time, but they rounded out their season's epic good vs. evil battle in a more satisfying way than Harry Potter did, managed to tie together at least 90% of even their farthest-flung plot strands, left more than one of my favorite characters alive (truly, this was not a guarantee) and brought the final scene to a bittersweetly beautiful full-circle close.  Perhaps most importantly, they kicked their side universe into high gear and reunited almost all of the beloved ships I'd lost to death along the way; HELLO, ECSTATIC JOY. 

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Bonus, I now comfort myself with the idea of said side-universe anytime half of a couple dies on one of my other shows, which should make watching crime drama a little bit easier.