September 1st, 2010


Harry Potter Boom/Bust Cycle: Boom (and other fannish adventures)

After all the movie fun, I had to pull out the last couple of novels and flip through them for shippy bits. (side note: holy, these later books are pristine.  I am afraid to open them again, how are they in such nice shape?!) R/T-wise, it mostly just made me frustrated that we have to spend all of book 6 reading subtext because Harry is too thick to live, followed by remembering how mother-of-God-frustrating book 7 is most of the time.  (not that I will ever be truly annoyed after the inclusion of Tonks being pregnant in wartime, thank you)  And then I got to the end and remembered how this is the most SOULCRUSHING EVENT IN ANY FANDOM EVER.  Nothing on television compares - and Doctor Who really excels at heartbreak - but page 661 still rips my heart out.  It's like falling down a black hole.  Voice has to force-feed me the fanfic antidotes afterward, because in the face of canon I'm always positive that I will never be happy again.
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Also I may have cracked and looked up the test screening reports for DH --Collapse )
I finished Cold Case today.  I closed the door on it in May 2009 and I've been quite cavalier and pragmatic about its ending for a while now, but about five seconds after the credits rolled on the otherwise satisfying series finale, the stark shock of it finally hit me, Cristina Yang style.  "Cold Case got canceled."

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Disturbing Moment of the Day: For the record, the wrongbad things I ship on Glee are merely subversive daydreams.  They are not meant to be taken seriously.  Ever. Collapse )
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On a completely unrelated note, 12 days until How I Met Your Mother hits local syndication 10x a week!  Episodes I've never seen, two or three seasons' worth of episodes I haven't seen since they aired and/or haven't read the reviews for in so long that it's almost like I haven't seen them... CAN'T WAIT.
Finally: And the couple getting married on Grey's Anatomy is:

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