September 13th, 2010

Mt. Fandom

2010 Fall Watchlist

THIS POST IS GOING TO HAPPEN.  I keep trying to write it, but my ideas of what I actually want to watch keep changing by the day, and ultimately, all I really want to do is spend every waking moment of free time watching Scrubs, or otherwise wrapping myself up in the tiny pockets of its fandom I keep digging out of dusty corners and darkened basements.  I'm deliriously in love here.  It makes all current TV seem so very unnecessary... 
*shakes it off*  Must!  Focus! 

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State of the Networks: Fall Preview, 2010
Okay, now that that fun business is squared away, time to look around and figure out how excited I am for all these shows to come back.  I'm not gonna lie, right now the answer is "not very" and/or "none of these are as much fun as Scrubs, boo!  Also I still want Numb3rs and Ghost Whisperer to be coming back."  But, Future Self, I will try.  For you.  Since I am even less confident of the exact order than I was last year, I'm going to split it by excitement levels, too.

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P.S. Attempted to watch the newly-syndicated HIMYM tonight, starting with the pilot.  Okay, between the Smurf talk and Barney randomly kissing Marshall that I was so hoping was just a horrible blooper reel segment somewhere, if I had seen this when it aired I would have immediately written this show off forever.  On the bright side, Robin is so surprisingly sweet and likable!  And...then I was reminded how she used to have a gorgeous pack of dogs that she then stupidly let Ted convince her to give away, and never got back.  Everything collapsed on itself again.  HATRED.  RAGE.  FIRE!