September 22nd, 2010


Sharing Mom's computer grows tiresome

Yeah, my computer seems dead in a relatively...worrisome way, meaning my brother doesn't know how to fix it right now and he thinks maybe the hard drive's done for.  The computer turns on and you can get into the setup screens and use the CD-ROM drive for wizarding type system restore things, but every time you restart it just briefly flashes the Dell startup logo and then goes black and stays there.

He said he could maybe try to get the data onto one of his spare drives, but he has to look up how to do that.  NOT FILLING ME WITH CONFIDENCE.  Augh, why, why now!  Especially when my newly shared computer time has to be devoted to work first and fun second.  I do not know how I shall get my hands on all the TV I need.  But for now, let's have fun with what little I can handle live.

House, 7x01, "Now What?"
Wow.  So, Huddy.  That's a thing I am suddenly way more willing to ship than ever before.

Collapse )
NCIS, 8x01, "Spider and the Fly"
Sharp showing! 

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P.S. I didn't even need ten full minutes of Raising Hope to burst into explosive feelings of My-Name-Is-Earl-type love.  Cloris Leachman seems even more unnecessary than the rest of the family members (though I like the parents in flashbacks), but MY STARS, I could watch a billion episodes of ridiculously adorable, endearingly sweet, sad-eyed Jimmy toting around a super cute baby.  Especially with Sabrina, Cashier of Snark and Awesome, hanging around the fringe.  Seriously, this may be the most precious new-dad story I have ever seen, and you know how I am about those in general. 

(edit: oh my, is the internet agreeing with me?  What?  That can't possibly be right)