September 25th, 2010


Legend of the Book Seeker

So, the local Half Price books moved about half a mile away to a bigger location and is holding a 4-day Grand Opening event where each day you get a specific coupon for 40, 30, 20 or 50% off your highest item.  I checked it out Thursday, came back to use another coupon yesterday, can't really justify the gas for a 20% discount today, but am forcing at least one parent if not both to acquire their own 50% coupons and ideally spend them on me tomorrow. 

I have never in my life seen this much I wanted to buy at Half Price. I mean, everywhere. Everywhere, there are things I want!  Things I need!  Things I love!  It is like these shelves are soaked with magic dust and just spontaneously generate my dream store.  In fact, am I dreaming?  Because this was like one of those dreams where I find everything I want at a garage sale, BUT REAL.  I'm staring at the proof right now. 

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