September 26th, 2010


WORK WORK WORK (I apologize for this entire post)

SO BEHIND!  *flails dramatically*  Too many shows!  Look at how little I've been able to watch!  When was that time where I thought I didn't have a lot on the docket and could afford to watch extra comedies for fun?  Because that was detrimental to my focus. I don't remember how to do this; looking up titles is hard!  *whines* So is checking even two reviews for any major details I might have forgotten when 90% of the episode washed out of my head immediately after viewing without notes.

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Law & Order: SVU, 12x01-02, Locum/Bullseye
It is probably too late to warn you at this point, but if you were thinking about watching either of these for Henry Ian Cusick, don't. 

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Medium, 7x01, "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day"
*cradles show in arms*
Oh, baby, you're so doomed. 6 million.  6!  CSI: NY pulled over 10!  Blue Bloods IMPROVED that number (way to kick me in my special hurty place of a Numb3rs scar). Let me love you while I still can, because even though Joe's hair is still tragic and Ariel is a lost cause, Allison's cut has self-corrected so I can survive. Besides, this premiere was awesome.

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CSI, 11x01, "Shock Waves"
"Hey, this is already better than all of last year."

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How I Met Your Mother, 6x01, "Big Days" 
Apparently people liked it.
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To-watch docket: CSI: NY (I did watch the teaser; too content tumbling those extra gold nuggets around in my brain to move on yet), Grey's, PP, Glee, The Office.  You know, just all the good stuff.  *head explodes*  Still!  I think Future Me will appreciate having a full review catalog again, even if they are wimpy offerings like the ones above.

TV? There's no time!

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In a stunning example of pleasure overload, I found Josh Groban's new single and watched "Inkheart" all in the same afternoon.  The movie was designed to wind me down from the Feelings explosion -- haha, not so much.  I'm on the verge of the kind of obsession that goes to find fic. When it first came out I thought it, like all movies with clearly strong elements of fantasy and magic except those to which I grant special exemptions, looked hideous. But I've been in a mood to see something new from Brendan Fraser ever since I found out he was briefly on Scrubs (FYI, those episodes + the aftermath? AMAZING), and I've pretty much adored everything he's ever done, so I gave it a whirl.

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Up next, "Nim's Island." I wish I liked Gerard Butler more, but it was still totally adorable and had Abigail Breslin (who is made of sheer magic) playing with a sea lion a lot, so I highly recommend it.  I am never leaving the children's section again!  If I can't get dashing leading men hooked up to the beautiful ladies I admire in rom-coms, then I will get my fix from father/daughter adorableness., for entirely different reasons, I hope that's clear. 
Unrelated note:  ... I think maybe the accent is why this pilot didn't get picked up.  IT WANTS TO BE SCOTTISH.  YOU CAN HEAR IT TRYING TO BREAK OUT IN EVERY WORD.  JUST LET IT FREE.

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