September 30th, 2010


No one holds a gun to the head of a simple girl.

1. Despite plethora of other things to do, made time to watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic" before the library demands it back today. Oh my word, Hugh Dancy suddenly got way more adorable than the previews implied. Make a sequel so I can watch more of them together, or I'll be forced to do something drastic like read Shopaholic and Baby.
Current Week's Shows
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3. Law & Order: SVU, 12x03, "Behave" [JLH feature]
Hey, did you know that there are thousands of untested rape kits in this country just sitting around?  I ask because the episode was super-subtle about this message, and I'm worried some of us might not have picked up on what they were trying to say.

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Last Week's Backlog
4. Grey's Anatomy, 7x01, "With You I'm Born Again"
As it turns out, I was actually rather smart to watch the finale barely a month beforehand, because this way I'm all synced up with how much time has passed for the characters.

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5. Private Practice, 4x01, "Take Two"
Well, that was just so much more terrible.  I actually cued it up and went, "All right, let's see how long it takes to make me angry." Answer: ONE SECOND post-previouslies, as this show immediately threw acid in my eyes (otherwise known as gratuitous sex scenes).
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